Nas – Discography (1994-2022) FLAC

Nas – Discography (1994-2022) FLAC
Artist: Nas
Genres: Rap, Hip-Hop
Release Date: 1994-2022
Duration: 07:59:20
Quality: Lossless
Format: FLAC, (tracks)
Filesize: 13,91 GB

Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones (/nɑːˈsɪər/; born September 14, 1973), better known by his stage name Nas (/nɑːz/), is an American rapper. Rooted in East Coast hip hop, he is regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time.[1][2][3] The son of jazz musician Olu Dara, Jones’s musical career began in 1989 as he adopted the moniker of “Nasty Nas” and recorded demos for Large Professor. He was later featured on the 1991 single “Live at the Barbeque” by Main Source.

Nas’s debut album, Illmatic (1994), received universal acclaim upon release, and is considered to be one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time; in 2021, the album was inducted into the Library of Congress’s National Recording Registry. His second album It Was Written (1996) debuted atop the Billboard 200 and charted for four consecutive weeks; the album, along with its single “If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)” (featuring Lauryn Hill), catapulted Nas into international success. Both released in 1999, Nas’s albums I Am and Nastradamus were criticized as inconsistent and too commercially oriented, and critics and fans feared that his output was declining in quality.[citation needed]

From 2001 to 2005, Nas was involved in a highly publicized feud with Jay-Z, popularized by the diss track “Ether”. It was this feud, along with Nas’s albums Stillmatic (2001), God’s Son (2002), and the double album Street’s Disciple (2004), that helped restore his critical standing. After squashing the feud, Nas signed to Jay-Z’s Def Jam Recordings in 2006 and went in a more provocative, politicized direction with the albums Hip Hop Is Dead (2006) and his untitled 9th studio album (2008). In 2010, Nas released Distant Relatives, a collaboration album with Damian Marley, donating all royalties to charities active in Africa. His 10th studio album, Life Is Good (2012), was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. After receiving thirteen nominations, his 12th studio album, King’s Disease (2020), won him his first Grammy for Best Rap Album at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards; he then followed it by releasing his 13th studio album, King’s Disease II (2021), as the album’s sequel. In the same year, his 14th studio album, Magic, was released on Christmas Eve.

In 2012, The Source ranked him second on their list of the “Top 50 Lyricists of All Time”. In 2013, Nas was ranked 4th on MTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game” list. ranked him first on their list of the “50 Greatest MCs of All Time” in 2014, and a year later, Nas was featured on the “10 Best Rappers of All Time” list by Billboard. He is also an entrepreneur through his own record label; he serves as associate publisher of Mass Appeal magazine and the co-founder of Mass Appeal Records. Nas has released fourteen studio albums since 1994, ten of which are certified gold, platinum or multi-platinum in the U.S.


(1994) Nas – Halftime EP [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(1994) Nas – Illmatic [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(1994) Nas – Illmatic [24Bit-44.1kHz]
(1996) Nas – It Was Written [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(1999) Nas – I Am… [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(1999) Nas – Nastradamus [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2001) Nas – Stillmatic [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2002) Nas – From Illmatic To Stillmatic The Remixes [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2002) Nas – God’s Son [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2002) Nas – Made You Look (Remix Featuring Jadakiss & Ludacris) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2002) Nas – The Lost Tapes [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2004) Nas – Street’s Disciple [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2005) Lyfe Jennings – Must Be Nice (Remix feat. Nas) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2006) Nas – Hip Hop Is Dead (Expanded Edition) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2006) Nas – This Is Gangsta Rap [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2007) Nas – Greatest Hits [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2007) Nas – Nissan Live Sets On Yahoo! Music [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2008) Nas – Untitled (Album Version (Edited)) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2008) Nas – Untitled [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2010) Nas – QB 2 Compton Ringtones [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2012) Nas – Life Is Good (Deluxe Edition) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2012) Nas – Life Is Good (Deluxe) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2012) Nas – Life Is Good [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2013) Nas – Game Over (Original Mix) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2013) Nas – The Essential Nas [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2013) Nas – Villian [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2014) Nas – I’m a Villain (Instrumental) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2014) Nas – Illmatic XX [24Bit-44.1kHz]
(2014) Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz Remix (feat. Rick Ross, ScHoolboy Q & Nas) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2016) Nas & John Lion – Gun for Gun (Valley of the Kings Remix) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2016) Nas – Wrote My Way Out (from The Hamilton Mixtape) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2017) Nas – In My Ghetto [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2017) Nas – On the Road Again (Music from The American Epic Sessions) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2018) Ice & Martinna – Deja vu (feat. Nas) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2018) Nas – Illmatic Live from the Kennedy Center [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2018) Nas – NASIR [24Bit-44.1kHz]
(2019) Nas – Jarreau Of Rap (Skatt Attack) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2019) Nas – NY Se Mumbai [24Bit-96kHz]
(2019) Nas – The Lost Tapes 2 [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2020) Lil Nas X – Rodeo (feat. Nas) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2020) Nas – Best of Nas [Anniversary Edition] [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2020) Nas – Fallen Stars Flying (Original Song From Between The World And Me) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2020) Nas – God Body Flow [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2020) Nas – History Lessons [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2020) Nas – King’s Disease (Explicit) [24Bit-44.1kHz]
(2020) Nas – King’s Disease [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2020) Nas – Peace Queen [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2020) Nas – Ultra Black [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2021) Nas – Big Nas (Original Song from Masterclass) [24Bit-44.1kHz]
(2021) Nas – It Was Written (Expanded Edition) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2021) Nas – King’s Disease II (Explicit) [24Bit-44.1kHz]
(2021) Nas – King’s Disease II [24Bit-44.1kHz]
(2021) Nas – Life is Like a Dice Game (Spotify Singles) [24Bit-44.1kHz]
(2021) Nas – Magic [24Bit-44.1kHz]
(2022) Nas – Life’s a Bitch (Northside Ways & Near Death & Shino Tenshi Remix) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2022) Natural Disaster – Vibe (feat. Akira Kodoku, Nas & Yahin) [16Bit-44.1kHz]
(2022) PJ Morton – Be Like Water (feat. Stevie Wonder & Nas) [16Bit-44.1kHz]